.VOX Files: What Are They and How To Open Them

Know About File Type Management

A.vox (Voice Over) file is a simple text file that contains voice “tags,” which are used by screen readers and other applications that read out the information on web pages. The file is plain ASCII text with no formatting and should be saved in your preferred text editor and then uploaded to your website. The Voice Over file is a little-known but handy audio format. It is used by people with hearing impairments, and it is the most common format for people who are making an audio tour of a website.

There are currently two software options that can open .vox files, which can be found on two platforms. Here, we will walk through how to open.vox files on Windows 7,8, and 10, and MAC.

Opening .VOX files on Windows 7.8. and 10

There are 4 main steps you need to take when it comes to opening .vox files on Windows operating systems.

The first step is to download the the SoundConverter software from Dekorte.com or the Xentec Vox Studio. Either software will allow you to open the .vox file. Once you have the software of your choice installed, the next step is to locate where your .vox while was downloaded. If it is not, by default, in your downloads folder. You can check the desktop, and D drive of your computer. These two are common locations where files are stored after downloading if not in the C drive downloads folder. You can also opt to search for the file name in the search bar at the top of your file explorer.

The third step is to right click on the file and choose “Open with” and select the software you have chosen to download. A window should pop-up asking if this is where you would like to save the file. Click “OK” and your file should be ready to use!

About File Type Management

Opening .VOX Files on MAC OS

Opening a .vox file on MAC OS is very similar to the steps in opening it on Windows. There are also four main steps in accomplishing .vox file opening.  Opening a .vox file on MAC OS is very similar to the steps in opening it on Windows. There are also four main steps in accomplishing .vox file opening. First. download the software of your choice (SoundConverter from Derite.com or  Xentec Vox Studio). Next, locate the downloaded .vox file destination on your MAC. Third, right click on the file and choose “Open with. Lastly, choose the software you have downloaded to open the file and choose “OK”. With that, you will have been able to open the .vox file on your MAC.

Should You Still Have Errors

If you happen to encounter issues in opening the file extension, double check to ensure you are opening the correct file. More often than not, errors will occur when users choose the wrong file to open during file extraction.